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David Teran is not a photographer. David Teran is an artist. He sees the shot through the eyes of a master. He preconcieves it, then wills it into being. I’m in awe of his level of professional attention to the details of his work that becomes art. Marcos Witt

5x Latin Grammy Winner

David recently photographed my family. I have a 2 year old and 5 month old. I was worried we may not get that many good shots since the two year old is very active, but David was awesome with the kids! My daughter to this day (two months later) still talks about “taking pictures downtown with David”. And the photos he took were absolutely astonishing. They are definitely something we will treasure forever. You will not be disappointed with David Teran Photography.


David has taken pictures of us in different stages of our lives and he has done an amazing job every time!
He has a special talent to take the best shot! We absolutely loved all of our pictures! Wedding, Christmas family pics and even my husband and I with his fave toy- his motorcycle!


I had never taken professional photos until my college graduation, mainly because I do not feel photogenic, ever. David is talented at what he does- not simply marked “qualified” by an institution or degree, which is the case with too many photographers. He was able to offer suggestions in poses, outfits, and scenery that worked to create beautiful pictures, so that I didn’t have to rely on my own experience, which was little to none. David also has a strength in tasteful esthetics- everything he does is with style & attention to detail. You will not be disappointed in his photos, professionalism, nor his artistic eye. Even more miraculously, you will be surprised & pleased in yourself for appearing so photogenic. Thank you for my pictures, David! I am still in awe of them. Krysta

David is a photographer and an artist combined in one. He captures moments you’ll cherish and enjoy forever through a lens. At first, I was a bit nervous because I had never taken professional photos before. But as the shoot went on, I felt so confident. He’s such a great person to be around and one hour with him will definitely have you laughing your head off! I loved the way he “experiments” with everything. He’s not a regular photographer that makes you look stiff in your photos. He captures your essential beauty and best features. David is such a professional, courteous and creative human being. No doubt, he’s one of the best photographers of this generation. Thank you for making my graduation experience even more memorable David!


David has the ability to bring out and capture the true identity of his clients! Not only is he professional but he also gives excellent direction during your shoot in order to make a picture that much better. Patience is important when it comes to a great photographer, and he was excellent with my 9 month old and we were able to get shots that I will forever cherish! Brooke

David is an excellent photographer! I love his style and handling of concepts. Besides being a good photographer, he makes you feel great during the shoot. I recommend his professional work, as well as his quality as a person! Coalo Zamorano

Latin Grammy Artist

David is flexible, creative, & prompt-all things that give him a professional edge, while he is still personable & able to give direction to can help you relax. It seems in all his clients, he can capture that one key shot that make it amazing. He is also awesome at having them ready super fast, which is great if you are like me & don’t like waiting. Whether you need just a quick shot or a long photo shoot, he can capture what you need. Mandy

I just love the pictures he has taken of our family! I take pictures all the time, but his pictures are the only ones I actually print out and display :) Worth the money Adaia

David Teran is one of the most talented photographers of his generation. There’s no question who we turn to when we need personal or commercial work. Whatever his rates his product is worth it. Abby

Before I became a professional model and moved to Los Angeles, I shot with the amazing, creative, and innovative photographer David Teran. He is such a talented and professional individual. When I got pictures back from our first shoot, I couldn’t believe that a picture of myself could be turned into art. He inspired me and helped me pursue my dreams. I feel like I owe a bit of my success to David. Thank you for shooting with me that first day downtown- the rest is history ♥ Andie

Professional Model

David Teran is a genius of photography. His sensitivity and ability to capture special moments is something extraordinary. For me … the best!

Sergio Gonzalez

Latin Grammy Producer

Cuando estuve buscando un fotógrafo para mis fotos de graduación, la cosa más importante para mi era encontrar a un fotógrafo que pudiera capturar la emoción de alegría. Eso es exactamente lo que recibí con los fotos de David! El es una persona tan genuina que adora su trabajo! Recuerdo que el me dijo que como 3 días a la semana el practicaba en el “darkroom” para revelar sus fotos. Qué el se emocione tanto con eso dice mucho sobre el, que es muy apasionado con su trabajo, y que el quiere las mejores fotos para todos. El hace el esfuerzo de conocerte, y siempre te dice bromas solo para que tengan mas confianza y que te sientas mas cómodo. David, eres el mejor! Melissa

David takes the kind of picture you look at, and then really look at. He captures an edge, a detail, a secret that most miss -and then shares it with us. He is utterly gifted, and the most genuinely-in-love-with-photography of all I’ve met, a killer combination. He is a joy to work with should you be so lucky to have the chance. Taylar

David Teran has an amazing gift to capture precious moments. We took some cell phone pictures at the hospital for our new born baby and thought they looked ok, but something seemed to lack. We called Mr. Teran in to see if he could help, especially considering these moments don’t come back, and what I thought would be more ok pictures, turned out to be amazing, They absolutely blew me away. I look at the pictures and still cannot believe this was the hospital room we were in, it looks like a studio! Absolutely amazing, that’s all I can say.


David Teran is personable and hard working. He took my wedding photos, and still to this day I get comments on the beauty and simplicity of the wedding; as seen though the eyes of David. To be honest, the wedding in the pictures looks even more beautiful than being at the event! I will forever cherish the perfectly captured moments of a wonderful day in my life. He got the pictures to us incredibly fast which allowed us all to ogle over them as a family before everyone left town. Phil

We’ve had 2 underwater photo sessions with David and have loved all the photos! He captured my kids in their true element of water and caught their personalities perfectly! We had so much fun during the shoot as well. David is prompt, courteous, professional and very talented. I would absolutely recommend using him as a photographer!! Julie

I have never experienced taking professional photos until my high school graduation and I can’t imagine having a better experience with anyone else than what I had with David. I felt a bit nervous at first but by looking at how amazing the photos came out you can’t tell because of how much fun I was having! He is such a great person to be around and being photographed by him was more than just a photo shoot, it was special, fun and personable. You will love your photos by David and you’ll love how convenient it is to access all your photos once you receive them. Thank you for doing such an amazing job David! You made my graduation experience even more memorable. Savannah

David has a vision and executes his shoots with ease and confidence and not to mention produces a high quality end product. David captured true feelings and expressions in the photos he shot for my family. He took the time to share his thoughts and creative ideas with us and we were left with some of the best heartfelt pictures ever. I highly recommend David Teran!


What can I say.. Just pure brilliance and talent. He is a guy with great patience and creativity. If you want something new, fresh and exciting call David ;)