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San Antonio Family Portraits

San Antonio Family Portraits – capturing the eternal love of families, to be cherished and shared with generations to come.

Family Portraits

San Antonio Senior Portraits

Celebrating one of life’s greatest moments, graduation and senior portraits! Create memories that you will cherish for many years to come!

Senior Portraits

San Antonio Headshots

San Antonio headshots! Unique and creative take on a simple, yet necessary portrait. Make your next headshot one you will be proud to show at all times!

Whether shooting film or digital, I’m always taking pictures! In this day and age, digital is king with convenience and quality. However, my latest obsession is shooting with old-school film. Digital cannot compare to the experience that is film: seeing your image appear on the print in the dark room is something truly magical.

I’m a portrait photographer based out of San Antonio, TX; but I have a passport and I’m willing and able to travel! I specialize in senior portraits and family portraits, and I also offer professional business headshots, as well as unique underwater portraits.

I am passionate about photography, and I am confident that I can offer you the highest quality images. When people ask me what I do for fun, the truth is I take pictures for fun. When I want to get to know someone, I take their picture. Photography is my passion and my joy, and that is seen through my work.

David Teran

David Teran

Owner & Photographer

David Teran is not a photographer. David Teran is an artist. He sees the shot through the eyes of a master. He preconcieves it, then wills it into being. I’m in awe of his level of professional attention to the details of his work that becomes art. Marcos Witt

5x Latin Grammy Winner

David Teran is one of the most talented photographers of his generation. There’s no question who we turn to when we need personal or commercial work. Whatever his rates his product is worth it.


David Teran is a genius of photography. His sensitivity and ability to capture special moments is something extraordinary. For me … the best!


Sergio Gonzalez

Latin Grammy Producer