We are a small photography company from Texas that was founded in early 2010. Today we are internationally recognized as one of the top photographers in the Latin Christian music industry.

San Antonio Photographer David Teran

"David Teran is not a photographer. David Teran is an artist. He sees the shot through the eyes of a master. He preconcieves it, then wills it into being. I’m in awe of his level of professional attention to the details of his work that becomes art."

Marcos Witt, 5x Latin Grammy Artist

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“People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou

Taylar D.

"David takes the kind of picture you look at, and then really look at. He captures an edge, a detail, a secret that most miss -and then shares it with us. He is utterly gifted, and the most genuinely-in-love-with-photography of all I've met, a killer combination. He is a joy to work with should you be so lucky to have the chance."

Christine D'Clario

"David Teran is an exceptional photographic artist! He has a perfect balance between creativity and visual intuition. His ability to capture special moments and momentary micro-expressions is truly amazing. In addition, he pays close attention to the details before, during and after your photo sessions, prioritizing making the client feel safe, satisfied and at peace. One hundred percent recommended!"

Kate M.

"David is such a fun photographer to work with! Great energy in the studio and always has a new idea to try. Whether we are shooting dance photographs or something more artsy, his eye for lighting and timing is awesome. Film or digital he has it down!"

Jorge S.

"David is a professional in what he does, but on top of that he is a great person. I love the results of his work, the angles; the lighting and ambiance he is able to capture is fantastic. It was difficult choosing which photos to use; I honestly liked all of them. His prowess with the technical, combined with his creativity is second to none."

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David Teran Photography, is the one of the top headshot and senior portrait photographers in San Antonio, TX. Hire him next time you want to create amazing imagery or beautiful art!

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